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Certified Court Reporting: Everything You Need to Know


When one thinks of a court reporter, the image that comes to the mind is that of a professional that keeps records during the proceedings. There are several aspects of court reporting that a lot of us are unaware of.

If you are searching for a professional court reporter, you need to be aware of these aspects. To help you get a better idea, we have discussed those areas in the subsequent sections.

What is court reporting?

In the simplest terms, court reporting refers to the process of recording and transcribing verbal speech into written form for documents and transcripts.

Court reporting certification

When hiring a court reporter, ensure you that he/she possesses National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) certification. Apart from passing the exam, the professional also needs to continual education program by NCRA to remain certified.

Methods of court reporting

Stenography: The professionals use stenotype machine in the method to document each statement during the proceedings.

Electronic reporting: The use of audio equipment for recording court proceedings is known as electronic reporting. Either digital equipment or analog tape recorders are used for this purpose.

Voice writing: The use of voice silencer, a hand-held mask with a microphone, in which a reporter speaks directly is known as voice writing.

Benefits of hiring certified court reporter

No doubt a regular transcriptionist is good at typing, but a certified court reporter is aware of legal terminology, court proceedings, and legal documents. They are also accustomed to interruptions and background noises. Due to their experience of working in such environments, they deliver more accurate transcripts compared to a transcriptionist.

A court reporter also respects the confidentiality of your case. He/she won’t disclose your case details to anyone at any point. They also remain neutral throughout the case.

Several court reporters are well-versed in providing expedited transcripts to their clients. You need not wait for weeks to ensure the transcripts are properly ready.

Other places where you can use court reporters

Apart from courtrooms, the court reporters could be used in numerous other situations and places. Some of these include medical & technical litigation, exhibit linking, audio transcriptions from CDs/digital sources, commissioner’s hearings, board meetings, news conferences, transcript synchronization, and seminars.

Tips for searching professional courtroom reporter

When selecting a professional courtroom reporter, ask for referrals. Their existing and/or previous clients will you a lot about the quality of their services. Ask about their experience in the industry and turnaround time related to delivery of transcripts. Also, get the information on fee structure in detail. Trust Brickell Key if you are searching for an agency in Florida. Get more details from here: