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Have You Ever Had a Court Reporter Arrive Late for a Deposition?


And everybody was waiting for her to arrive?

Has this happened to you?

When searching for a court reporter in Miami, there are certain qualities you must look for. Punctuality is one such trait that a court reporter must possess. A reliable professional reaches the venue on time or preferably 30 minutes early when he/she receives an assignment.

Imagine hiring someone who arrives 25 minutes late? Attorneys coming in from out of state have time-sensitive schedules. They could easily miss their return home flights because of someone’s tardiness. Furthermore, this means each attorney’s, and even deponent’s, time get wasted by 25 minutes. To ensure this doesn’t happen during your case, hire someone who takes punctuality seriously.

When hiring a court reporter in Miami, Florida, ask about the same beforehand. Ask how soon they usually reach the venue during the proceedings. Verify the same from their previous and/or existing clients.

A reporter who knows about organizing his/her schedule won’t cause unnecessary delays. They also believe in delivering transcripts as per the scheduled time. Well, it is always better to ask about turnaround time beforehand.

The court reporters from Florida-based Brickell Key manage their time quite efficiently. Their always prioritize their work and strive to their accurate and timely results. They also rely on the latest technological equipment and programs for this purpose. They also offer video conferencing services to help you connect with numerous participants from across the globe. The use of HD videoconferencing system helps in achieving this.

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