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Litigation Support Services

Brickell Key Court Reporting provides the most complete suite of litigation support services in the court reporting industry and unmatched client service. For any requirement, including court reporting and legal videotaped depositions, Brickell Key has the right service solutions, delivered with the attention to detail and excellence you expect from a court reporting agency.

Our Production Department is an integral part of our court reporting team and work to provide the final product to you. Our process is streamlined and utilizes cutting edge technology to provide the transcript in the format of your choice, providing electronic versions in RealLegal E-transcript, pdf, ptx, or other litigation support formats.

Litigation Support Services

Interactive Realtime / Livenote™ Certified
Interactive realtime enables any attorney in attendance to connect to the reporter’s writer and have a live view of the transcript as it is being written. Further benefits include the ability to make annotations or highlights in midstream as well as the ability to retain a copy of the transcript immediately following the deposition, inclusive of all annotations and highlights.

Internet Streaming Services (Text & Video)
Internet text (realtime) and video streaming provide additional benefits in that they facilitate a realtime connection via the internet to a remote location and can stream the video in step with the text. Participants need not be in the same room as the reporter, as is the case for traditional realtime.

Rough Drafts (same day)
A rough transcript is different from a realtime feed in that all steno marks will have been removed from the transcript and the entire text will have been “cleaned up” so that it is more readable. We deliver a rough draft the same night as the deposition, upon request, with few exceptions.

Secure & Searchable Online Repository
Make use of our online file storage solutions, including searchable case repositories for transcripts, exhibits and even streaming video.

High Definition Videoconferencing (IP & ISDN)
Using our state-of-the-art high definition videoconference system, you can connect with multiple participants throughout the world in stunning clarity. We support both the IP and ISDN configurations.

Video/Transcript Synchronization
Video syncing marries the video to the transcript such that when the video plays, the transcript scrolls along in perfect time. This format also allows for advanced, built-in editing capabilities, such as clip creation, highlighting, annotations, etc.

Local, National & International Coverage
Our services are available for some of the most complex litigation all over the country and worldwide. From New York to New Delhi, Los Angeles to London, all depositions are considered local. Service is on time, every time, anywhere in the world.

Conference Rooms Worldwide
Our worldwide service includes countless complimentary conference rooms in most major regions.

24/7 Coverage (Evenings, Weekends & Holidays)
We provide comprehensive litigation support, offering clients a single point of contact for all litigation needs. Professional, live client service is available 24 hours a day, enabling us to provide the most advanced support and delivery in the industry.

Immediate, Next Day & Expedited Delivery
Our staff is accustomed to handling large profile, fast-moving cases. We offer a variety of delivery schedules, ranging from standard 8-10 day delivery up to the next day or even the same evening. All deliveries are measured in business days, excluding holidays and weekends.

Email Delivery
Never wait around for hard copies; the electronic transcript files are delivered to each ordering party immediately upon finalization. We do not delay the delivery of electronic transcript files for any reason. As soon as it is finalized it is in your inbox.


Certified Video (MPEG, MPEG w/Sync, DVD)
Delivered on our proprietary F.I.T. disc, you have a choice of video formats for every deposition. Whether you are preparing for trial, or making clips for internal discussion, you will find your solution in any one of our F.I.T. disc formats.

Condensed (mini 4 x 1) PDF Transcript Format
Traditional four-transcript pages to a page viewing is possible through our condensed PDF transcript files. Each file also includes a word index for easy reference.

Word Index
Our word indexes are affixed to the condensed PDF transcript file, featuring a list of frequently used non-common words from within the transcript. Referenced with each word are the number of occurrences and the corresponding page and line numbers for easy look-up.

RealLegal E-Transcript™
We provide, among other types, the industry standard e-Transcript file with each transcript order. Use the e-Transcript file to create a word index or produce a full sized or condensed PDF version of the transcript.

Exhibit Linking Technology
Utilizing Livenote’s LEF file type as well as TextMap’s XMEF counterpart, we make exhibit hyperlinking accessible to anyone who needs it. Instead of carrying around physical exhibit documents, exhibit hyperlinking makes it possible to manage a large amount of exhibits easily within each transcript.

With each transcript delivery you will receive a CD containing, at a minimum, the four standard transcript file types that we provide: ASCII (text) file, e-Transcript, full sized PDF and condensed PDF.


Certified Realtime Reporters (CRR)
Having gained certification through the NCRA, a certified realtime reporter has a proven ability to produce accurate, simultaneous translation in a “live” setting.

Certified Legal Video Specialists
Also certified through the NCRA, a certified legal video specialist is one who possesses the requisite knowledge for providing a high-quality video record of a legal proceeding, such as a deposition.

Spanning a multitude of languages and regional dialects, we have access to a large network of highly skilled and practiced interpreters.

Spanning a multitude of languages and regional dialects, we have access to a large network of highly skilled and practiced translators.

Document Management Specialists
Leverage our centralized production hub and gain from our advanced printing, scanning and binding capabilities.